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Sculpture made with recycled materials and food from supermarket binsDocumentation of an interactive performance

Ecofeminist project

Projeto Ecofeminista

Participatory food performance and interactive sculpture by Paola de Ramos 


Hasnan MH and Laureline Tilkin

Aalto Festival

Espoo, Finland 2016

During the performance, people were eating the food that it would be wasted and grownup were laying down on the soil to suck from breasts made of recycled materials, in a way venerating the breasts of our first givers, mothers, and Gaia, our eternal giver.

Mamanamama is an interactive performance concerning on our irresponsible food consumption and usage of Planet Earth.


“mama na mama” translating from Portuguese to English means “suck on the breast”, also “mama” recall in Portuguese “mamá” (milky baby food) and “mama” (baby and toddler trying to say mamãe – mommy-). The sculpture and performance aims to relate to the generosity of our first mammal food: mother’s breast milk and, also, mother’s breasts who give us endless food as same as the Planet Earth abundance that present us nourishment for our whole life.


On the performance day, we had a women parade, carrying the breasts’ sculpture, bottles with tea and vegan milk and food. All the food was collected in a Finnish supermarket bins, all of them were fresh and perfect for consumption, it was an everyday waste just in one day and one supermarket.


This is a performative protest against patriarchal mentality, in which feeds ideas of consuming and using everything that it is giving with no respect and trustworthiness. Our relationship to our mother and Gaia (mother Earth) needs be changed, we need to be more mature and rethink the way that we interacting with the free givers.

We need to understand:
If it is free, it doesn’t mean you can destroy it;
If it is naked, it doesn’t mean you can rape her/him;
If it is available, it doesn’t mean you can take everything;
If it is kind, it doesn’t mean you can abuse.

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