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Helsinki | 2017

Madamesir is this being who doesn’t have a stated gender, Madamesir is orange and bold with a big red lipstick that sometimes looks like a moustache, big pink boobs and balls and a dick and wearing a grey jacket suit with red painted lapel and fluffy red sleeve ends. The character is a mixture of drag, masquerade and clown. Madamesir doesn’t have a story. It is this being who simply exists by its presence. When Madamesir was born, I wasn’t sure what it would the movements be, then by exploring the sensation of the props and idea of what is to be on a body of a woman or a man, I started to play around the movements exaggerating what are socially considerate “feminine” and “masculine” actions. Sometimes, I would walk spreading my legs, other times walking as I was wearing high heels, I would scratch the balls or hide the boobs.

Thesis: Masks and Identities - A Journey

Camera Ricardo Coimbra

Concept and Video PIPOCA (Paola de Ramos)

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