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between worlds

The wood as a material reconnected me with nature, its cycles and time, and gave the chance to the Between Worlds to be born. The hardness of working with the wood provided me the patience and brought me to the materiality of our reality, also the rigidity of the wood and the costume put me on another time, a time that it was much slower than mine. The found wood recalled for me the between a state of life and death as symbolic elements for transition and to be in peace with the uncertain. I could embody the transition. I could be this being with no name and no human structure. I was just a thing and a concept. The words are not enough to describe the experience that my body went through walking in this creature’s skin within the night and sunrise in a forest in Espoo. The wood in its existence and language taught me and the knowledge still resonates in my body.  


Thesis: Masks and Identities - A Journey

Camera and assistance Katri Miettinen and Juha Hilpas.

Concept and video PIPOCA (Paola de Ramos)

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